An Overview of Prevention: A Social Change Model
Presented by Mike Lowther
(2 hrs, 11 minutes.)

Public opinion has changed radically in the past 20 to 60 years regarding such issues as smoking, alcohol use, ecology, and general health issues. How and why did these changes occur? What is prevention? How does prevention relate to social change? These are common questions asked by educators and community members who wish to develop programs that lower the risk of alcohol and other drug abuse or participation in destructive or high-risk behaviors. Prevention is the active, assertive process of creating conditions and/or personal attributes that promote the well-being of people. Social change occurs when values and beliefs change. Mike Lowther, Director of the Southwest Prevention Center, provides the background knowledge you need about social change and prevention. This knowledge can greatly assist you in the development of programs that lower the risk of problems related to drug and alcohol use/abuse or destructive/high risk behaviors. This program will assist you in establishing collaboration with other community members and organizations in the development of coordinated community prevention-focused programs.