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Creating the Quality School - Selected Readings $45.00
Creating Quality Reform: Programs, Communities, and Governance $25.00
Creating High Functioning Schools: Practice and Research $35.00


Series I $540 Single videos $120

Multicultural Education: Valuing Diversity
Cooperative Learning Strategies
Improving Parent/Educator Relationships
Curriculum Alignment: Improving Student Learning
Superintendent/School Board Relationships
The Future of Rural Education

Series II $540 Single videos $120

Multicultural Education: Teaching to Diversity
At-Risk Students: Identification and Assistance Strategies
Improving Student Thinking in the Content Area
The Quality School
Managing Students Without Coercion
Strategic Planning for Outcome-Based Education

Series III $540 Single videos $120

The Middle School: Why and How
TQM: Implementing Quality Management in Your School
Outcome-Based Education: Making it Work
Gangs in Our Schools: Identification, Response, and Prevention Strategies
Site-Based Management
True Colors

Series IV $630 Single videos $120

Teaching for Intelligent Behavior
Leadership: Rethinking the Future
Crisis Management in Schools
Character Education
Conflict Resolution Strategies in Schools
B.U.I.L.D. Success Through the Values of Excellence
Teachers as Heroes

Prevention Series $450 Single videos $120

Main Street Foundations: Building Community Teams
Teen Court: An Alternate Approach to Juvenile Justice
An Overview of Prevention: A Social Change Model
Strengthening the Family: An Overview of a Holistic Family Wellness Model
Teacher Link 2000: An Interactive National Teleconference