The Center for the Study of Small/Rural Schools (CSSRS)  is endorsed by the National Rural Education Association as one of its five recognized rural education research centers.

The center aids small and rural schools through workshops, surveys, needs assessments, technical assistance and various other services to provide assistance in:

  • building and maintaining necessary knowledge bases,
  • applying  research in the areas of school improvement and reform,
  • restructuring,
  • staff development,
  • administration, and
  • teaching.


CSSRS clients include:

  • school boards,
  • teachers,
  • administrators,
  • businesses,
  • community groups,
  • rural organizations,
  • state and federal agencies,
  • as well as international agencies and governments.

The center also produces cost-effective in-service videotapes, some of which are available in Spanish, that cover a wide range of relevant and feature nationally recognized presenters.

What is a rural school?